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8 years ago I made the commitment as a businesswoman, to connect each and every one of  our clients with their dreams of traveling; our company "SEA TRAVEL BUSINESS AND TOURISM” ; It is the result of 20 years of experience  and dedication as a Travel agent, in the tourism sector of our country; Today from my role as an entrepreneur with all my heart, I am proud to present our company to you; We believe in travel as agents of transformation, the bridge that connects us with a better future.  I invite you to travel together!

Now that you know what we do, I invite you to enjoy your dream of traveling and discovering new destinations. I appreciate the trust you are placing in our company. You are choosing a team of experts to take you to the destination of your dreams and make them come true.

mary luz valencia

Business and Tourism Sea Travel Manager


Our commitment at Viajes Mar is to provide comprehensive advice, guaranteeing efficiency, quality and service support; With the best market prices. We offer our services to public, private or individual entities.


To be highlighted in 2025 as the travel agency with the most alternatives in the tourism market; for the commercial, industrial and family sector.



For us as a company, it is very important that the information provided to our clients is honest and true. This value is what makes us different and helps us make decisions based on firm and true facts.


We have built a team that works results oriented; unifying talent and decision making to respect and unite different opinions, knowledge and skills because teamwork and mutual support form the basis of our relationship.

We respect the individual

Respect is considered the fundamental basis of relationships within our company. We value human dignity, accept our differences, and consider our rights and those of others to establish a friendly and cordial work environment.

Quality services

The quality of service is one of our most important values that requires all our effort, determination and courage to be successful in what we do and in the services we offer. We carry out our work with dedication and trying to avoid the minimum errors, optimizing the delivery time and making an effort in what we do to achieve satisfactory results.


Each one of us must interact in a transparent and appropriate manner, trying to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and the image of the company. We are aware that our communication generates perceptions, expectations and requirements that motivate us to improve our behaviour, attitude and knowledge.


Our team members must show loyalty; referring to fidelity, commitment, identification, pride, membership, confidential defense and interest; at any time for and on behalf of the company.

constructive spirit

The built spirit refers to a positive attitude, optimism, increase in the value chain, creativity and good faith must be shown and lived by those who work in our company.


We are a company with the ability to satisfactorily meet the challenges and requirements of our customers.


Mary Luz Valencia.jpeg

mary luz valencia


Angelica Valencia.jpg

Angelica Valencia

Business consultant

Asesora Luisa Peña.JPG

Luisa Pena

Business consultant

Asesor Luis Fernando.JPG

Tatiana Cortes

Business consultant

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