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InViajes Mar Business and Tourism SAS, we commit to supporting a healthy and sustainable environment by establishing environmental, socio-cultural and economic programs that outline how we conduct our business in a safe and respectful manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our operations reflect our focus on recycling, the conservation of resources and cultural heritage, the prevention of pollution and the protection of children from any form of exploitation. Our Code of Conduct for our customers and business partners encourages them to adopt practices aligned with our environmental principles, ethical business practices, human rights, and labor practices.

Likewise, we motivate our staff with training and awareness actions on the principles of sustainability and good environmental practices, perfecting sustainable management and assuming commitments to continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability.

Sustainability Goals


Promote the correct disposal of final waste generated in the organization. 

Promote the responsible use of water and energy. 


Raise awareness and promote actions with the different interest groups that allow raising awareness against: 

All forms of exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents. 

The sale and trafficking of wild flora and fauna. 

The commercialization and illegal trafficking of goods with historical and cultural value at a regional, national and global level. 

All forms of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual preference, disability and any other establishment in the current laws.

Vulnerable communities. 

Wellness and health activities for workers. 


Establish and manage mechanisms that allow: 

Maintain direct employment conditions under fair and equitable conditions. 

Promote the purchase and use of goods and services produced by local communities in the branches where the operation operates. 

Promote compliance with safety standards to customers who use our services. 

With the disclosure of this policy,Viajes Mar Business and Tourism SASurges its collaborators, suppliers, colleagues and participants in the value chain of the tourism industry to make explicit their commitment to sustainable development. 

Program and monitoring efficient use of water 

Program and monitoring efficient use of energy 

Integrated solid waste management program and monitoring 

Sociocultural and economic program 

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